nwHacks is the largest hackathon in Western Canada, happening on March 13-15 in the Kaiser and MCLD Buildings in UBC. nwHacks will take place over 36h from Friday night till Sunday Morning


nwHacks is more than a hackathon - its about growing and connecting the community of awesome hackers. 


Anyone and everyone is welcome at nwHacks, from hackathon veterans to first-timers! 


- Teams can have a maximum of 5 members (all members must be physically present at nwHacks)



- Platforms (iOS, Android, Web / Mobile Web, Mac, Windows, hardware hacks)

- Must include both submission and video demo

- Must select which sponsorship prizes you are going for

Hackathon Sponsors


$11,520 in prizes

Top Hardware Hack

Top Sustainable Hack

Top Overall Hack 1st Prizee

Top Google API/Android Hack

Best use of iOS/OSX 1st Place

Top CA Technologies Hack

ParrotAR Drone

Top Pebble Hack

Top pebble hack will receive Pebble Classics for each team member.

Top Facebook Graph API Hack

Top Facebook Parse Hack

Best use of iOS/OSX 2nd Place

Best use of MOJIO API

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

- Make your app (any platform is accepted)

- Produce your video demo and post it on Youtube or Vimeo

- Submit your app and video

- Attend the expo

- Wait for judgement announcements and final demos


Khurram Virani

Khurram Virani
Cofounder, LighthouseLabs

Pierre Buegnot

Pierre Buegnot
Cofounder, Axiom Zen

Don Burks

Don Burks
Head Instructor, Lighthouse Labs


Senior Instructor, Lighthouse Labs

Anders Fung

Anders Fung
Co-Founder. Learnquiq

Jerry Tian
Cofounder, ContentDJ

AJ Carter

AJ Carter
Co-Founder, Betskeez

Jake Tyler

Jake Tyler
CEO, Payso

Ola Mogstad

Ola Mogstad
CA Technologies

Derek Gaw

Derek Gaw
Co-Founder, Makerlabs

Judging Criteria

  • Usefulness
    How practical the hack is and whether or not it solves real problems.
  • Design
    How easy and intuitive the interface is to navigate
  • Technical Difficulty
    How hard the hack was (technically) to implement/engineering/build.
  • Presentation
    How polished/well presnted/finished the hack was during the expo and he demo.

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